I´m Dr. Romina Cole of Maryland and I am seeking some assistance for a patient who is in the process of relocating to Buenos Aires and should be all settled in within the next ten days. His Spanish is considerably better than mine, but English is his native language, thus I write this in English. Please take no offense.

This patient requires for both health and insurance coverage reasons ongoing treatment and examinations, both preventative and causative.

I am not completely familiar with the system in BA, but it was suggested to me that I use this forum as a medium to assist him in finding a doctor, medical student, nurse or nursing student to assist in this. Please note, that I remember what is was to be a medical student, so if two or three of you would like to team up together to gain the practical experience, it is not a problem. I will explain and he will accept. I would prefer female provider(s) for this assignment, however I will give all the respect you deserve.

The schedule would be for 1 to 3 visits per week, as is needed, on a flexible schedule to accommodate both parties, mornings, midday, evenings/nights and weekends can be arranged, with each visit, I would estimate lasting 2 to 4 hours, and once in a while there may be a need for longer sessions depending on the progress and general state of the patient.

The patient is fully ambulatory and though the care and attention is for a semi-chronic condition, and for monitoring, the patient is in generally good health, and will be compliant with treatment. The patient is located in the Cabalitto/Palermo/Villa Crespo area

Your role will be that of my eyes, ears, and hands in Buenos Aires and your opinions and observations as well as suggestions will be highly relied upon and considered, regardless of your title or whether you are a student, I promise!

If you are interested please send the usual resume´ (CV) with photo and a note about yourself and your interest to me by email and I will be in touch. cole.romina@yahoo.com