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Finishing studies in Argentina!

Finishing studies in Argentina!

  1. Avatar de Isabelle

    Finishing studies in Argentina!

    Hey everyone,

    first of all I would like to congratulate you for this great forum. I am really happy that I found a "place" where people might help with my doubts.

    I hope it's okay that I post my questions here in the international part. English is still kinda easier for me than Spanish!
    My name is Isabelle and I am a med student from Germany. I really would like to continue and finish my studies at the University of Buenos Aires. I contacted them already but unfortuntately I did not really get a clear answer. I am kinda lost in this bureaucracy jungle and I would be really, really pleased if you guys could help me a bit. I am wondering if they would accept my already in Germany passed exams/credits or if I would have to repeat them? Furthermore I was told that I would have to do certain exams of the CBC, but if I would have to do all 6 of them or only a few, they couldn't tell me either. I would like to know how this whole process works, like how long does it take them to check my documents and to decide which exams I would have to repeat and which not. Maybe there was a similar case in the past and you guys could help me with a few further information.

    Thank you in advance

    Looking forward to your answers
  2. Avatar de moebius
    I'm sorry I can't be of much help, and I'm afraid the same can be said for the rest of the users around here, as your situation is quite unique. Doing a quick Google search, I found this link:

    It states more or less what I first thought when reading this thread. You would have to present papers from your own university, including the programs of each and every subject you've already passed. Then, the heads of each department decide whether or not they are equivalent here; you may have to pass some kind of nivelatory exam or even repeat from zero.
    The UBA can be quite bitchy when acknowledging people from other (local) universities. I have no clue as to its behaviour to people from foreing ones. They may grant you some subjects from the CBC; Cellular Biology at least. But keep in mind that they can only recongize up to 50% of what you've done and no more (according to the link up there)

    Try making contact with a consulate/embassy. Maybe they can give you a better insight on the matter.

    Best of luck.

    PD: Although this is the correct subforum, it isn't read much. Try posting elsewhere (like "Mundo UBA") and, if possible, in Spanish.
  3. Avatar de Isabelle
    Hey moebius,

    thanks a lot for your answer. Yes, they told me about this 50 % rule. I asked them if I could just repeat the rest of the exams withou having to attend the classes and go on with the studies of the "third year" cause that's where I actually am now here in Germany. They said it's okay to just repeat the exams but they did not tell me if I could go on with the other stuff. It seems like they have no idea either hahaha....and it's kinda hard to contact someone who is actually in the position to decide that. The embassy is somehow the worst source of information in this case. It seems like they only have an idea of the whole visa process and nothing more. I thought that there eventually might be a similar case of someone here who also transfered to a different university and know how it works but certainly not everyone is as crazy as me hahaha....just kidding!!
    Anyway, thanks again for your nice reply! I appreciate it
  4. Avatar de KuRiBoH
    you´ve just lucky that i saw this.

    My english it´s not really great but i wish you can undestand.

    So, it´s like you said when someone came from another country you need this:

    Al your paper from ypur university sign and oversign for every authority and (maybe) the argentina embassy there.

    You could start ALL this papercrap there in the argentina embassy and came here and go to the university.

    Here, it´s true that you need to have a certificate that you´ve finish school and all that. I think minister of education accept without asking you to give exams you´re title from your school there. Check in his website there was a page that talk about it (which countries give exams).

    So, i THINK you need to present your university papers there, first, for some stupid stamps and then and only then you can go to the university and present all the paper to get accepted.

    And You can always go to the rectorship or med faculty to ask... But even there it´s not like even they know where to send you.

    So, first you HAVE TO pass CBC exams. Maybe they convalid biology and mathematics i don´t know for sure. But if they say you have to give that test you could give test o assist to class like a student and aprobe it.

    Because no faculty will accept you as long as you no finish this bloody CBC.

    I don´t know if it´s clear or not. But i you need a hand about it let me know. I´m a foreigner too. Maybe I can help you.

    Good luck
  5. Avatar de Isabelle

    thanks a lot for these information. And your english is really good
    Did you also transfer the university?? Do you know if this 50 % rule is true??

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